Responsive Web Design and Development


A well designed website makes or breaks the possibility of having a successful business online. It doesn’t matter how many can get onto your site, if the users can’t navigate the site properly, or see themselves experiencing slow loading or even crashes. The potential customer will be looking elsewhere within ten seconds of landing on a sluggish site, which is why a skilled web designer is required. And at Ranking Solutions, we certainly have skilled web designers to help make your site meet the standards expected by sites such as Google and users in general.

Websites now must be quick, easy to navigate and also mobile friendly. Too many companies fail to realise the importance of a mobile friendly site. More people use internet on the move now more than ever, and rankings suffer too if Google detect that the site doesn’t meet the mobile friendly standards.

At Ranking Solutions we can help you create a site which will excel in all the requirements needed to be a viable site on the net, and we even utilise our search engine optimisation (SEO) skills so it will rank highly on search engines such as Google. Existing sites can be modernised, new ones are built from the ground up and no corners are cut to bring about a website which offers style and functionality.

Regular updates and consultations are provided, meaning the site can be shaped to your vision, and the latest W3C compliance standard regulations are taken into account, along with a Google XML sitemap. We can register your URL for free, and offer a year of free hosting, making our services beneficial and cost efficient!

If you’re looking to get your site in working order, or to start afresh, contact a member of the team for a full free review!