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The Facebook Video Boost
November 27th, 2014

YouTube has long been the dominant force in online video sharing, but Facebook’s recent video service has shaken up the habitual. YouTube vs Facebook The current Facebook Video service put in place in the last year has seen the company eat into YouTube’s share success, as now the public and companies are using the direct Read the full article…

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Ranking Solutions and the World of Social Media
November 27th, 2014

Social Media is here to stay, and the impact it can have for a company’s online presence is huge. There are a number of networks available, all offering different ways to engage with an eager audience who can instantly respond to whatever you choose to post. Like a hot deal or a more general question Read the full article…

The New Google AdWords Outranking Tool
November 26th, 2014

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a great system to help instantly put you on the search engine map, but getting a high rank for certain keywords can be costly. A bidding system is in place, which has you upping the cost of your bid for a higher rank on Google, and Google have now quietly release a Read the full article…

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The Facebook Buy Button
November 25th, 2014

Facebook is constantly evolving, and the company are constantly experimenting with new features to try and discern how best to enhance the service. One feature that is currently going through the testing process could be of great benefit to businesses though, and that  feature is the inclusion of a Buy button. Buying with Facebook  The Read the full article…

Twitter Boosts Personal Engagement With New Direct Messaging Features
November 24th, 2014

Direct messaging on Twitter has been a key feature since the social media platform launched, allowing people to share information they might not want to have displayed for the public to see. It’s a flawed service though, as direct messaging tweets are completely separate from the rest of the services tweets, with no way to Read the full article…

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Google’s Knowledge Graph Now Shows Other Social Network Sites
November 21st, 2014

There are some who say Google favour Google, especially when it comes to displaying other social media sites on its search engine pages. And in the past, that has been true. But now, Google are easing up and allowing more social links to pop up on its search engine Knowledge Graph, seen when searching for Read the full article…

You Can Now Search For Any Tweet Ever Posted
November 20th, 2014

About 350,000 tweets are sent out a minute on Twitter. That’s about 6,000 a second and 500 million a day. There is a mass of information waiting to be read, and sometimes it can be hard to find a specific tweet posted due to the nature of the search system, which focusses on keywords and Read the full article…

Facebook Challenges Linkedin with new Business Networking Project
November 19th, 2014

Linkedin has been the place to visit for businesses since it’s start-up, but now social media giant Facebook are looking into their own business networking project, in hopes to drive businesses to their platform. Just what’s in store for the future of social business as competitors start to step on Linkedin’s toes? Facebook at Work  Read the full article…

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How To Get 24.8 Million Twitter Followers: Advice from Kim Kardashian
November 5th, 2014

Want to know how to strike big in the world of Social Media? With 24.8 million Twitter followers,Kim Kardashian should certainly have some advice to impart. And impart she has, at the Code/Mobile conference in Half Moon Bay, Calif, revealing a collection of tips that will surely boost your social presence. Maybe… Social Media Will Make Read the full article…

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Ranking Solutions Client Overview: JustBBGuns
November 3rd, 2014

At Ranking Solutions, we find ourselves tackling a wide range of different subject material, thanks to the diverse collection of clients we’ve partnered with. We can be talking about car leasing one day, e-cigarettes the next. For this blog post we’re going to talk about one particular client who sells to those who find themselves Read the full article…