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Why It’s Beneficial To Outsource SEO
January 21st, 2015

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) continues to be the deciding factor on if a site will sink or float on Google’s search engine pages in 2015, and many find little success when they take on SEO themselves. Choosing to outsource with a successful SEO company is the way to go, and for those still clinging to Read the full article…

no joy
Tickets Can Now Be Directly Purchased From Google Search Engine Results
January 20th, 2015

The torment that comes with trying to get tickets to see your favourite band can be huge. They announce the date and the time of sale, and you’re prepared. Sat looking at the search engine results for the ticket sales to start, hand poised on the mouse ready to click. The time comes and you Read the full article…

Mark Zuckerberg’s Book Club is One Everyone Wants to be Part of
January 12th, 2015

Social sells, and the novel ‘The End of Power’ , written by Moises Naim, has seen a sales surge thanks to a Facebook book club hosted by the creator of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg. The Zuckerberg Challenge Mark Zuckerbeg each year sets himself a challenge, and many of his fans like to take part Read the full article…

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Twitter To Join the Online Video Battle
January 12th, 2015

First Facebook set out to create a video service to compete with YouTube, and now it looks like Twitter are set to do the same, with their upcoming video up-loader set to rival YouTube itself. Tweeting Motion  Twitter are expected to unveil their video services in the coming weeks, a move  the company are making Read the full article…

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Facebook Celebrate Video Growth
January 8th, 2015

We discussed in November how Facebook Video was on the rise, but now Facebook are parading around the internet to tell everyone just how well they’re doing, with incredible video growth rates and their plans to expand even further in 2015. Facebook Video in 2014 The video growth for Facebook Video in 2014 was huge. Read the full article…

Google Planning To Save The Internet in 2015
January 8th, 2015

An extra second is being added to 2015 this year, as scientists adjust time to make up for Earth’s changing rotation, but there are fears that this single second could pull the internet down and cause world chaos. But Google aren’t going to let that happen, and have donned a cape of justice to stop Read the full article…

Why Local Businesses Should Choose SEO
January 6th, 2015

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key component to finding success on the internet, and for many it’s essential to seek out a professional SEO company to bring about the best results. Whilst important for businesses of all sizes, it is of particular importance for a local business to seek out the service, due to Read the full article…

The Facebook Hoax
January 6th, 2015

A fresh start to the year means a fresh new set of Facebook hoaxes for people to fall for. Dodgy videos, and nefarious click boxes have done the rounds in the past to make you fall foul to the tricksters schemes, and this time the Facebook hoax is a set of text people are reposting Read the full article…

Mobile Friendly Websites Now Labelled By Google On Phones
December 16th, 2014

How many times has internet data usage on a phone been wasted by websites which just aren’t suitable for mobile phones? The site will chug away as it attempts to load up, but in most cases it will throw you back to your phones home screen or eventually open up for access, but the access Read the full article…

Facebook Dumps Bing For Own Search Tool
December 15th, 2014

Facebook continue to tweak their search tool, with the latest development involving the removal of Microsoft search engine, Bing, from their search service results. A new Facebook exclusive system is replacing it, blocking out Microsoft and Google from their popular service.  The History of Bing and Facebook The original partnership between Microsoft and Facebook was Read the full article…